Why Do We Wear Clothes?

Have you ever been threading one leg through a pair of pants in the morning and wondered…why do we wear pants anyway? Or wondered why pockets in clothing designed for girls are sometimes smaller than the pockets in clothing designed for boys? In this episode we’ll tackle your questions about clothes with fashion historian and … Read more

How To Start a Clothing Brand: 5 Easy Steps (2023)

After collecting her degree in fashion design, Sarah Donofrio stepped into the real world with the same question that has long troubled creatives of all ilks: What now? 카지노사이트 Fashion school taught Sarah about pattern grading, sewing, and draping. She could drop a mean French seam. She could tell you everything about fit. Her education, … Read more

Types Of Clothes: A Guide To Clothing Types

With fashion being a trillion dollar industry, you can be sure that there are many types of clothes within it. Clothing is worn at home, to work, when out socially or participating in sporting and leisure activities. We also wear clothing for 카지노사이트 important occasions like weddings and graduations. If there’s an event or activity … Read more

How to start a clothing line: the 9-step plan

How to start your own clothing line You’re at the beginning of your journey and the to-do’s can seem overwhelming. So whether you’re thinking of how to start a clothing line from home, 카지노사이트 or have your own workshop, here are our top nine bases to cover. Decide on your niche Build your budget or … Read more

All our dress will be produced using plants, very much like in 1900

Every one of our materials were plant-based one century prior. Michiel Scheffer, program chief Maintainable Materials predicts we will remember bygone eras: ‘In 2050, we will wear garments produced using known and new plants, and we will never again deliver fossil-based materials.’ How might we accomplish a without fossil materials industry in 2050? 카지노사이트Michiel Scheffer: … Read more

The Historical backdrop of Dress

It isn’t sure when individuals initially began wearing garments, notwithstanding, anthropologists gauge that it was somewhere close to quite a while back. The principal garments were produced using regular components: creature skin, fur, grass, leaves, bone, and shells. Pieces of clothing were frequently hung or tied; in any case, straightforward needles made from creature bone … Read more